Friday, May 16, 2008

Demand to Know - Did Obama Hussein attend TERRORIST Training Camp in Pakistan?

The NY Times has an article about Bush's comments about appeasing terrorists and the liberal appologist are mad because it offended Obama. There is a rumor the Clintons may have evidence that Obama met with, and may have trained with, terrorists while he was in Pakistan and that he needs to give a full accounting of his time while he was there.

Maybe the reason Mr. Obama took it so personally is because of rumors that the Clinton campaign may have evidence he met with terrorists, and may have even trained with them, while he was in Pakistan during college.

Perhaps this is also the reason he states in his book "Audacity of Hope," pg. 261, "if the political winds turn ugly, I will stand with the Muslims," why Obama has also stated "Nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people", why one of his aides already met with Hamas, and why Obama is the only candidate that Hamas has ever endorsed for President.

Demand that Barry Hussein O disclose what he was doing and who he met with while he was in Pakistan!!!!

I'm asking everyone to go to the site and post a comment demanding that Obama disclose what he did and who he associated with while he was in Pakistan.

Original post from MJMiller, Tweaked by me thank you very much.

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