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Senator Barack Obama is a citizen of Kenya

Senator Barack Obama is a citizen of Kenya

Thu Feb 08,2007 - NEWS FROM:ANDY MARTIN, Executive editor



(CHICAGO)(February 8, 2007) Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin will hold a news conference Friday, February 9th at 11:00 A.M. to announce that U. S. Senator Barack Obama is a citizen of Kenya and became a citizen of Kenya under the Independence Constitution of Kenya in 1963. Obama has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship. He is also a U. S. Citizen.

“For our ‘Obama Week’ leading up to Barry O’s announcement on Saturday that he feels qualified to lead the free world, unleashed a worldwide team of constitutional law experts to delve into Kenyan law and the question of Obama’s citizenship. They were also participating in our CIA-style psychological profile of Obama that will be released Saturday in Chicago. And what we discovered was amazing, a political blockbuster,” says Executive Editor Andy Martin.

“Under the Independence Constitution of Kenya, Obama became a Kenyan citizen on December 12, 1963. He has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship. On his senate web site, Obama tap dances around his own dual nationality when discussing his father. Obama obviously knows, because his father told him, that he also held/holds Kenyan nationality.

“Once again, we find Barry O concealing fascinating information about his identity. There is nothing unusual about dual nationality. Indeed, ancient Roman Law doctrines of jus sanguini and jus soli come into play, because both Kenya and the U. S. recognize dual nationality. Once again, the issue is not ‘legality.’ The issue is the cover-up; Obama’s concealment of his own identity. From us, and most of all from himself.

“I find it amusing that Channel 2 in Chicago is (Thursday night) running a series on ‘Do we know the real Barack Obama?’ when they don’t really know, because 2’s news is produced by the same old hacks that take spoon-feeding from Obama & Co.

“Friday we will blow Obama out of the water with disclosure of his lifelong deceit and concealment. Obama’s attempts to portray his father as an ignorant ‘goat herd,’ moreover, were part of his attempts at ‘identity theft’ against his own father, designed to create an imaginary picture of Barack Sr. It is inconceivable that Obama’s father was ignorant of Kenyan law, since he served as a government official and held a Ph.D. from Harvard. And it is inconceivable that Obama Sr. never told his son that he was a Kenyan national. Why has ‘junior’ hidden this information for decades?” Martin will demand Friday.

“The American people, when deciding who to support for president, have a right to know if their ‘president’ is also a citizen of Kenya and owes dual loyalty to Kenya because he has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship.

“Further, I defy Obama or any of his flacks to defeat or deny the historical constitutional facts on which our blockbuster disclosures are based. We have nailed Barry O with his own hidden truths once again.”


WHO: Internet journalist/editor Andy Martin

WHERE: Southeast corner of Wabash and Huron Streets,
Chicago, (St. James Cathedral)

WHEN: Friday, February 9, 2007 11:00 A.M.

WHAT: Andy Martin will announce that under Kenyan law Barack
Obama is a citizen of Kenya and has never renounced
his Kenyan citizenship

CONTACT: (312) 440-4124


Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at;; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.

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