Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PETITION Calling for Congressional Hearings to Review Radical Islamist Materials Distributed in American Mosques

Dear Friends

Today ACT! for America has launched it's Patriot Campaign - This year we will push for Congress to review hate materials being distributed in mosques throughout the country.

In a Freedom House undercover operation it has been found that at least 75% of mosques are denouncing democracy and calling for the overthrow of the constitutional law and calling for holy war.

Reports are that this type of speech has gotten worse in the last year: "we are commanded to go to war.", "We Muslims will not stop until we invade the heartland." A whole new generation is being raised up against Christians and Jews in this country, just as they are throughout the world. It is also reported that what is being said in English is far different than what is being said in Arabic.

In a recent poll of America Muslims under 30 years old 26% said suicide bombing is justified in the name of Jihad.

73% of those polled by ACT for America want Congressional Hearings and want our lawmakers to uphold our national security and our anti-terrorists statues enforced!

National Petition Campaign Launched - Please Sign the Petition

The petition we launched is entitled "Petition Calling for Congressional Hearings to Review Radical Islamist Materials Distributed in American Mosques." The petition, which you can read in its entirety at, begins with these words:

We the American people call on our U.S. Congress to conduct hearings for the purpose of examining extremist materials that have been found in American mosques that: exhort Muslims to engage in holy war (jihad) against us; incite terror and violence against us; call for abolishing our constitutional form of government and replacing it with the theological totalitarianism of strict Islamic law, known as "Sharia."

The petition includes some examples of such materials, and then closes with these words: Since there is sufficient evidence to indicate that the information in some materials sold or distributed in mosques in America rises to the level of a genuine threat to our nation's security and liberty; Since it is the first responsibility of our federal government to safeguard the national security of our country and its citizens and guests; And because the oath of office of a Member of Congress is an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution;

We, the undersigned, call upon Congress to conduct hearings to examine materials that have been uncovered that have been sold or distributed in mosques in the United States, to determine if these materials violate federal statutes governing tax-exempt organizations; to determine if these materials violate federal anti-terrorism statutes; and to determine if these materials violate federal statutes prohibiting sedition, the advocacy and/or effort of abolishing or overthrowing our constitutional form of government.

To read the full petition, sign it and forward it to others:

This petition drive is going to be unprecedented in scope on an issue such as this. We are asking you to forward it to others. We are launching a full-scale national media campaign informing people of this national petition drive on radio and television across the country, with the hope of driving hundreds of thousands of listeners to our website to sign the petition.

Our objective is to take this petition, with hundreds of thousands of signatures, to Congress in September, and demand that congressional leaders heed the voice of Americans exercising their constitutional right to petition their government.

Thank you so much for your support and your commitment to helping us roll back the tide of Islamofascism. Together we rise in defense of our security, our liberty and our values.

Brigitte Gabriel

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